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It's not about David Hasslehoff.
It's about Dennis Weaver in Duel.
Both equally unlikeable.
At least Hasslehoff ate a hamburger off the floor totally hammered.


Blur of steel tearing up the road.
Fucking pissed,
Good as dead.
There's no time left for you to borrow.

Demon from hell on the prowl for blood.
Evil machine,
A bad dream.
Racing down a highway of sorrow.

Yesterday is so far away.
Here and now,
Make a vow.
That you'll live to see tomorrow.

You don't know what you said.
Why are you the one?
Minding your own business.
Eating a loaded gun.

Rusted body on a crooked frame.
Window cracked,
Headlight out.
Engine ripping into full throttle.

Gears are grinding calling out your name.
Floor the gas,
Hit to pass.
RPMs screaming out for your soul.
For your soul...

You don't know what you did.
Or where this thing is from.
There won't be any answers.
To stay alive you run.

You can't see his face.
You can't read his eyes.
He won't park the beast.
Until someone dies.

Raw power tears into your side.
Steel on steel,
Grip the wheel.
Getting used like a rock sledge hammer.

Crippled and nothing left but fumes.
Last descent,
Mind is spent.
Diesel joust decides the survivor.

Murder rig comes in for the kill.
Step aside,
Watch him glide.
Off the cliff into a blast of fire.
Of fire...

You never saw his face.
You never read his eyes.
Bask in being alive.
And not the one who died.

I'm not on your side.
I wanted you to die.
We're not on your side.
We all want you to die.


from Menace, released December 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Rotterdam Victoria, British Columbia

Rotterdam mix the best parts of Black Sabbath, Entombed, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nothingface. Down, Drugs, Scissorfight, Lynyrd Skynyrd and je ne sais quoi to create a style of music that can fit into any show and satisfy at least a few people.
Rotterdam includes veterans of various bands who grew tired of putting in work and decided to just do less and achieve the same amount in the end.
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